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Wild Flight Outdoors offers the Poor Boy Dock Heater – now with free shipping! This innovative design features a cage that is proven to move more water eliminating ice . This unit is for the boat owner/ Dock owner in mind. The power of ice can be damaging to boats and docks. With the Dock Heater you will be able to protect your assets from ice. It's powered by a 1 HP 120 volt Motor and comes with a 33’ foot cord and a standard 3 prong 120v plug.




Do Not run the unit out of the water. This will over heat the Pond Heater and damage it internally

Always use a GFCI to protect from electrical shock.

Keep all children and animals away from this product at all times.

Stay out of the water while unit is running.

Give the unit time to completely shut off before attempting to collect unit from water.

Wild Flight Outdoors is not responsible for any damages caused by improper assembly or usage.

This unit shall not be used if there is any damage to the cord or motor as electrical shock can be a huge Hazard. Please use this product responsibly.

Wild Flight Outdoors LLC is not responsible for any damage or accidents this product may cause. Use with caution at all times.

Keep all loose clothing, items, and hands away from the propeller at all times.

Dock Heater....Free Shipping

SKU: 202302
  • Wild Flight Outdoors LLC - Poor Boy Dock Heater.... Free Shipping

    1 Horse Power 120 volt Motor

    33ft shown in picture. or 100 foot electrical cord models

    Docks that have electricity will be fine to plug and start

    GFCI will be required to minimize electrocution

    Standard 3 prong 120v plug

    Prop is reinforced polymer

    2 year warranty on the motor.

    4-15 Foot Ropes with stainless steel clips included

    This unit will help Prevent Ice Damage to your boats, docks and shoreline

    Normal Conditions Will Yield A 20 x 30 yard hole. This result will have several factors, temp, ice thickness, and time

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